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Surgical Services and Specialty Services

Routine Surgeries

Ovariohysterectomy We recommend that you spay your female pet before her first heat. Research shows that early neutering reduces the risk of mammary cancer as well as other serious health problems later in life. 

Castration We recommend that you have your male pet neutered at 6 months of age.  This reduces the risk of prostate disease later in life. It also reduces or eliminates the risk of several other health and behavioral issues.

Feline Declawing This procedure is routinely done at an early age. We strongly recommend combining the declaw with a spay or neutering procedure to keep anesthesia exposure to a minimum. We also encourage owners to explore other alternatives to managing their cat's claws.  We will be happy to help owners learn how to trim their cat's claws, or a technician can also help apply nail caps.

Sevofluorane available. This is the newest, safest inhalant anesthetic used in veterinary medicine.

Other Surgery We are able to perform a variety of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. The veterinarian will discuss these procedures with you when they become necessary. We also work with several surgical specialists in Maine should the need for a referral arise.

Specialty Services

Ultrasound  Our facility is equipped with a state of the art ultrasound machine. With this technology, we can better evaluate the heart and abdomen of your pet.

Microchip Permanent Identification We encourage owners to inquire about the Home Again microchip system. This form of permanent identification is a wonderful technology that helps to recover your beloved pet if lost.

Board Certified Surgeon  Mark House, DVM, ACVS-SA, will travel to our clinic to perform specialized surgeries as needed.